Rules for the place


General rules for Norwegian campsites:

Guests report their arrival to the responsible person and state their name, permanent home address, and show credentials (registration). The rent for the stay will be payable for the given prices.

The employees is responsible for peace and order and is available if problems arise.

The guest should comply with the instructions of the employees and are obliged to comply with regulations relating to fire protection, gas and any other regulations. Pay attention to other guests and campsite neighbors.

Only camping equipment of normal type and size is used. It is not permitted to set up own facilities in addition to tents and caravans, for example. fence and platform, without the permission from us. Digging in the ground must not take place. It is not permitted to remove forests, or cut off branches without special permission from Geitvågen Drift AS.

On the allocated space the guest shall ensure good order and cleanliness.

Personal wash, laundry, dishes, rinsing and car wash should only take place in the designated area

and never at the drinking water sources. Communal facilities, ie toilets, washbasin, kitchen and the like,

should be left clean and neat.

Driving is only allowed between the driveway and the assigned space,

and should be limited to the most necessary.

All driving must take place in low speed.

Waste is only placed in the trash bin or container. Car battery, grills, defective garden furniture, and the like should be taken to approved place. Violation of this will be reported.

Radio, TV, musical instruments and the like are used with care and consideration. That means low volume during the day and absolute silence between 23:00 and 07:00.

Dogs are kept in leash and should not show nuisance above others.

Always make sure you have a plastic bag if the accident should take place.

Ball games near the campground units are not allowed, but should take place at the designated place.

Games and play that may be annoying or dangerous to others are prohibited.

The campsite owner or his staff can not assume responsibility for the guest's assets.

Damage made to the place must be paid by the person who caused the damage.

Sale on the spot is only allowed with the owner's consent.

Guests who act drunk, show immorality or interfere with order, should be shown away,

if necessary with police assistance.

Use of any kind of weapon and fireworks is forbidden. It should be silent between kl. 23:00 and at. 07:00.

Upon departure, the area used must be left clean and tidy. Unless otherwise agreed with the campsite owner or his staff, departure is at. 12.00 for the sake of newly arrived guests.

You should inform the responsible person about your departure time as soon as possible,

especially during periods of queue.

We ask you to show consideration and protection for both nature and the environment.

Additional rules - season place

If you have a season place, the rent must be paid in full BEFORE your entry. Electrical connection cable must have a low quality of NMHV grade and have a minimum cross section of 3 x 1.5 mm² (including ground conductor). The cable should be free of damage and without splitting.

If you leave the place, no rent is refunded.

If you leave the place for more than three days, you are required to resign to the departure date and date of return. When you are away from the place, it is not allowed to park trailers or other vehicles on the spot. During this period, landlord has the right to rent the space. The space must be cleared in such a way that rental can take place.

At the end of the season, the space must be cleared.


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