"The View"

These are our 8 finest places with views of Langode and Lofoten

The minimum distance shall NOT be less than 4 m at any time

(If you wish to have an awning, you must book 2 places)

The price is 285,- per day

(internet and electricity is included in the price)

Other Places

Beyond "the view", we have many other nice places for a little less money.

These places cost 210,- (+ 30,- for power)

In this area there is also a tent pitch.

The price for this is 140,- (+ 35,- per extra person)

Season Places

We have 118 places allocated for this purpose. You may expect to have your carriage in place during May.

It is assumed that the substrate is dry.


You can use the space as much as you wish until 31 August.

This costs kr. 3,700,- (approx kr. 37,- per day).

In addition, you pay for power.

Click this link for a simple registration.

Call us if something is unclear.

Winter Storage

Do you want to store your caravan or car with us?

If you have a season with us, you have first priority, but others are also  welcome for storage.

In the period 1/9 - 30/4 you can have the car or the caravan stored with us. The storage is outdoors.

Entry / Storage is ONLY in consultation with us.

Storage is at your own risk. Geitvågen Bad og Camping is not responsible for burglary / theft or other damage that may occur.

Are you a customer with us, the price is kr. 800,-

The price for other customers is kr.1,200,- Payment will be made in advance by received invoice.

You make a simple registration on this link




Midnattssolveien 653, N 8001 Bodø


(+47) 400 497 50

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